Travel is shifting from relaxing to reflecting.

With technology embedding itself further and further into our reality, we’re seeking ways to disconnect from our fast-paced lives and reconnect with ourselves, with nature, with the universe. Travel allows time for calm thought, and research shows that mindful wandering is gaining traction, as a way to strike balance and find meaning.

Exotic group retreats have never been more popular and there are a plethora of yoga or meditation retreats out there. Yet, there isn’t any help for travellers who want to craft their own journey, following a spiritual path outside of any pre-packaged holiday. There is no alternative to the expensive ready-made spiritual vacation, to cater to the more adventurous kinds, like me and many more.

This is why I started this blog, to enable curious souls to curate their own mindful travel. Well-being through travel I call it…

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Reconnect with nature

Explore off-the-beaten path places where time stops, revel in the contemplation of wild landscapes. Take mindful walks, observe wild birds, and embrace slow living with locals.

Discover the world but also yourself

Seek solitude and silence in raw, untouched lands, make space to pause and calm your mind. Bask in the purity of the present moment and find your inner peace.

Step on a spiritual path

Attend a breathing workshop, practice yoga with spiritual guides, meditate with Buddhist monks, take a pilgrimage to an ancient temple, discover sound therapy or take part in a healing ceremony.

I want to take you to places where you can slow down, reconnect with your inner self, and commune with nature. If you want to develop or build on your spirituality (nope, we’re not talking religion!), if you see travel as a way to explore not just the world, but also your mind, yourself, you are in the right place. From breathing workshops to yoga with the locals, to pilgrimages on ancient temples or the simple contemplation of wild landscapes, I will share must-see destinations to reach a true state of serenity. These places where time stops. Where there is no yesterday, no tomorrow. Only today. Only the present moment.

Each post will give you practical info such as what to pack and when to go; readings to take with you to further your spiritual knowledge; healing music and meditative sounds to put on your travelling playlist.

Breathe new life into yourself. Come back rested, reenergised, fulfilled, transformed. At peace with yourself and with the world.

“Thanks to this journey, you are granted time with your true self. The daytime-office you is a misleading version of the real you, of what you’re really like. Travel is a gift of self-exploration.”

– Alain de Botton, philosopher

“I’ve seen a rising demand for off-the-grid holidays. There has been a reaction against built-up holiday destinations or all inclusives and a push towards lesser known, off-the-beaten-path destinations.”

– Serena Guen, founder, Suitcase Magazine

“It’s not about drugs and alcohol anymore. No more looking for your ‘spirit’ in the wrong places; our spirit lies within us and Millenials get that.”

– Caroline Jones, founder, Restival

“We still lack the tradition of approaching places from a purely therapeutic perspective, and so of analysing landscapes according to their inner benefits.”

– Alain de Botton, philosopher

“You were created to perceive the beauty of creation and live your life in love.”

– Don Miguel Ruiz, shaman and author

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the now the primary focus of your life.”

– Eckhart Tolle, spiritual guide and author

They are talking about it…

Credit Walk

Nora Dunn is the Canadian writer behind The Professional Hobo, an essential blog on Travelling Full-time in a Financially Sustainable Way. She also runs a column for Credit Walk on the topics of travel, personal finance, and lifestyle design, and was kind enough to include me in one of them.

Business Innovators Magazine

Tavis Bucklin is a #1 best-selling author and contributing iReporter for CNN, NBC, FOX and Forbes Magazine, covering leaders in Business, Health, and Personal Development. I am very lucky that he thought my idea worthy of an interview in Business Innovators Magazines.

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