Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona

Uplifting music experience at Barcelona’s Primavera

29 August 2016

Could jetting off to Barcelona for a music festival for a mere five days disconnect you so much that you feel as if a month has passed when you get back to normal life? Well… yes, it can.

Barcelona in itself speaks of lazy tapas lunches and sunny walks in narrow streets, rocked by the light Catalan twang. Shaded squares and run-down façades spring to mind when speaking of the city that turned slow living into an art. But Barcelona is also famous for its hectic nightlife and its wild beach parties.  And for Primavera Sound.

So it was with barely contained excitement that I was to meet my friends there. Some Israeli guys I’d met in Sri Lanka a couple of months before. We were going to party and we were going to listen to some of our favourite bands in the world, live. I knew it was going to be awesome. But that awesome? No, that I didn’t know.

“Because Primavera is not just a festival, it’s a mass that brings together real music lovers in a 200 000 people worth, yet very personal communion with sound.”

Savages at Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona

Because Primavera is not just a festival, it’s a mass that brings together real music lovers in a 200 000 people worth, yet very personal communion with sound. Rich, vibrant, exciting sound that transports you to another place. And each artist brings a different experience. There was deep, respectful silence when Air played some of their most atmospheric classics such as an instrumental Playground Lover or the soft Cherry Blossom Girl. Each note sent the audience further into their dreamy bubble. Radiohead had an even more religious effect, as Thom Yorke’s worshippers covered his voice with their own, elevating the music to the heavens, paying tribute to the band’s genius. But Moderat was the truly mystical moment, as the German band’s electronic digressions raised through the night air and dancing turned into meditation. PJ Harvey and Sigur Ros had their own oneiric sounds to bring to the mix and they calmed spirits that had danced too hard to Tame Impala’s psychedelic tunes or LCD Soundsystem’s punchy vibes. Or maybe the most contemplative moment was watching the sun rise over the sea, while the music was still playing and people were still dancing. Every single one of the moments spent at Primavera made your whole body and soul feel alive. As if life couldn’t be lived any fuller, as if making-the-most-of was at its paroxysm. Living in the moment it’s called. Embracing the present moment. And living every instant in mindfulness, acutely aware of its taste, of its uniqueness, or its impermanence. This is what disconnects you so much from your real life, outside of Barcelona’s borders, as you connect so deeply with your surroundings, sharpening your sense of touch, sight, and above all earring. The fact that you soak in every moment as if it was the last, because in a way it is. Each set has an end time, each day gone is one less day of music, and after five days you fly home. Living each minute to the full is what makes you feel like a month holiday has worked its magic. So next festival you go to, dive deep into it. Close your eyes and let the music fill your ears, transporting you to this place only you know. This inner place deep inside, your soul. And feel your heart expand with joy and love. Love for music, and love for life. And when you go home you’ll feel so connected to yourself, so full of positive emotions, that no matter how much you’ve drunk or how little you’ve slept, you will feel truly rested. Believe me, have faith in music.

Sunrise at Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona

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